Nordschleife toughens up on noise limits

Nordschleife noise testingNoise limits have always been in place at Touristenfahrten open days at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, however, a new testing regime will ensure both cars and bikes will be tested more regularly. The limit is 95db(A) and previously marshalls at the Nordschleife would often turn a blind eye to engines that were too loud. It is believed the tightening of noise limit testing is due to a number of recent complaints.

As well as being tested in the entry lanes (as shown left) there are also noise meters placed around the track that alert the main office when triggered. If this happens, expect to be tested at the completion of your lap. As you can see in the image two marshalls are present at the testing, one measures the noise level around one metre from the exhaust, while the other ensures the engine is revved to the required two thirds redline.