Time for a quick German lesson

Nordschleife entry boomgateYou may have noticed an image of a boomgate in the AUSringers header, or you may have even downloaded the same image as a wallpaper from the download page. If you have, you will notice some text on the boomgate that reads: ‘wünschen viel Spaβ bei der nächsten Runde!’

Well, if you’re anything like me you’d want to know what that text translates to in English. Using my extensive list of resources, which does actually extend beyond Babel Fish, I logged in to the German based mini2.info website to seek confirmation of the translation. I met a few guys from this forum on my trip to the Nordschleife in 2006 and thanks to Scotty from the forum I can tell you the English translation reads: ‘Wishing you a lot of fun on the next lap!’

That’s pretty cool, don’t you think.