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My daily rounds of website scouting has seen me discover some good news for BMW fans. And let’s face it, if you’re reading a blog about the Nürburgring it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll have a healthy respect for Bavaria’s finest. Gabriel Bridger of MotoringFile fame has just launched a new motoring blog called BimmerFile and yes, that’s right, it will focus on all things BMW. If Gabe’s new site is anything like his MINI site then this will be compulsory reading.

The new 1 series coupe has just been released and the 135i, especially, has enthusiasts the world over salivating at what this new RWD pocket rocket will be capable of. Myself, I can’t wait for more footage of the car on the Nordschleife to surface and if you don’t read it here first, you’ll be sure to see it on, so make sure you check it out.

Here’s some blurb from the site to let you know what you can expect…

BimmerFile is dedicated to bringing you the most interesting news, links and reviews related to the BMW brand and it’s vehicles.

We believe in the old school BMW ownership experience. We believe in garage nights with a six pack and some friends. We believe in 2002s, in E30 M3s and E34 540s with the 6 speed. We believe in progress in both design and engineering but we haven’t lost sight of what made the brand great all those years ago. And yes, we believe in the manual transmission.

We long for the days of the wave and for the days of roll-up windows. Yet we love the gadgets on the inside and the xenons on the outside.

In short, we can’t get enough of BMW. This is BimmerFile.