Nick Heidfeld drives the Nordschleife – part 2

In April 2007 Nick Heidfeld took his BMW Sauber around the world famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. Yesterday, I posted some photos from the event, today I am presenting three videos found on youtube. The sound of the V10 F1 car through the Eifel mountains is sublime, and perhaps this is only heightened by the fact that only one car was lapping the circuit. The clip above is as close as I’ve found to a complete lap from the in-car camera, it runs for just under seven minutes.

This next clip is amateur footage taken near Klostertal. Even though the car is only frame for a few seconds, you can hear the shriek of the F1 engine as it negotiates the Karussell and then heads through Posten 147 and on to Hohe Acht.

As one would expect, Heidfeld thoroughly enjoyed his three laps around the Ring. On returning to the GP start/finish line at the completion of his final lap he said, “This drive was simply incredible. I thought it would be great to drive on the Nordschleife before I started out. But it was even better than I had expected. This racing track is the best in the world. I’d really like to have emptied the tank. It was a very special moment when I left the Grand Prix circuit in the direction of the Nordschleife. I was really shaken up at the Bergwerk section and on the Döttinger Höhe. I’ll never forget today as long as I live. Another particularly special experience has now joined the many fantastic childhood memories and racing successes.”

Lucky so and so!

To finish, a three minutes montage featuring some of the in car footage seen in the first clip, and footage caught trackside and from the helicopter which followed Heidfeld around the track. I can only imagine what an experience it would have been to see a modern F1 car on the Nordschleife. The speed, the handling, but most of all, the sound. Those that were there witnessed something great indeed.

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