Honda NSX test mule laps Nürburgring in 7:37

Honda NSX at the Nurburgring NordschleifeHonda is the latest manufacturer to have thrown its hat into the Ring chasing uber fast lap times. A report on suggests a Honda NSX test mule has been timed by spy photographers lapping the Nordschleife under 7 minutes 40 seconds, or 7:37 to be precise. That’s some pretty elite territory the NSX would be keeping if these times can be replicated in some sort of official capacity. The all new NSX is believed to have a V10 with around 550hp and reports from certainly back up the claims of it soundling like a V10. It is believed the NSX is still around two years away from release. If that’s the case, and these reported times are on the money, then I suspect we’ll be hearing a hell of a lot more about this car!

Thanks to Peter for the tip.