MINI CHALLENGE in-car footage – Nürburgring 2007

Continuing the theme of the Nürburgring 24 hour race, here is some footage of the MINI CHALLENGE support category from the 2007 event. Split into four parts the in-car setup has been taken from the car of Carlo Bermes, racing for the HBPO racing team. This first clip takes you from the start on the Grand Prix track to the approach to Hohe Acht, just after the Karussel. The racing is tight, clean and a delight to watch.

Make sure you check out the three extra clips below, which continue on where the one above left off. Trying to overtake down the Döttinger Hohe straight when you have three cars abreast in front of you is pretty interesting, that’s for sure. Towards the end the traffic clears up but then the driver is starting to fight tyres which seem to be going off. That’d keep you on your toes!