Bringing the Karussell home

Nurburgring Nordschleife - The Karussell

*updated pricing below*

The Karussell is one of the Nordschleife’s most famous corners—and not just because of the Australian flag painted on the armco! The Karussell is bumpy as all hell and you never forget the first time you take a car around the corner. To help keep those memories fresh you can now have a panoramic photo of this iconic 270-degree banked corner hanging on your wall. The photo was taken by 54photography and a digital file is available for sale at £15 (approx AU$32). Framed prints are also on sale at £41.99 (approx AU$90), including UK delivery. If required, delivery can be arranged to Australia. Check out the 54photography products page for details. AUSmotive readers will be familiar with 54photography’s work after the Goodwood Festival of Speed gallery I linked to last month.

From Ben Lovejoy’s Bend Names page: “The banking was originally only there for drainage, with the bend going around the top. Caracciola was the first driver to use it as a means of carrying more speed through the bend, which is why it is now officially known as the Caracciola-Karussell (but you won’t ever hear anyone use the full name—it’s just too long!).”

Below is a small YouTube clip filmed from a similar position as this photo. The clip gives a pretty good indication to the banking of the corner.