How important is manufacturer testing at the Nordschleife?

Audi R8 V10

This is a question Dale Lomas from RSR Nürburg asked himself on his BridgeToGantry website. It’s a great read. I’ve included a small extract below:

“But the importance of this 20.8 kilometre tarmac rollercoaster (whose infield section alone contains four complete villages and a population of nearly 2500) runs deeper than it being a summer camp for the fossil-fuel inclined. The money being spent here by the big players is ludicrous. It’s millions per year.

Yes there are other places where these manufacturers may gather; Norway for cold-weather proofing, Death Valley for hot weather. But there’s only one place where so many gather simply to work on vehicle dynamics and corporate boasting.”

Click HERE to read Dale’s article in full.