Drifting with Dale

Hope you enjoy this footage of Dale Lomas of bridgetoganrty.com and RSR Nürburg fame taking one of RSR’s Alfa 75 rentals for a full lap of a very wet Nürburgring. I give my highest points for his efforts through Adenauer Forst and the right-hander at Pflantzgarten, but deduct a few for not attempting to drfit around the top of the Karrussel! Kissing the ripple strip exiting Adenau Bridge was also aneat touch.

This is a different view of lapping the Ring, with the emphasis on having fun. It goes without saying, of course, that inexperienced Ringers need to think twice before attempting to copy Dale’s style around a wet Nordschleife. Armco doesn’t tend to be soft, or cheap to replace.