Drivers Republic takes Megane R26.R to the Ring

The Renaultsport Mégane R26.R shouts Nürburgring with its factory fitted decals, but is it actually any good around the Green Hell? This earlier video from Renault says it is, with a lap time of 8:16.9 to its credit. That’s pretty bloody good, it has to be said. The fastest front wheel drive lap by a “production” car it is claimed. But what about in the hands of a semi-professional? How will the R26.R fare then?

The feature clip above from Drivers Republic gives you the answer. No time was published, but looking at the clip, and using the regular start-finish section on the T13 complex, the DR lap was about 8 minutes 40 seconds. For more detail on their thoughts about the car, check out their feature article “Giant killer”. Here’s a teaser, “In short it’s brilliant fun and the painted cage and the seats really add to the sense of occasion—it feels special just like a CSL or GT3 does.”

They do bemoan the ability of the brakes to cope with serious track work, but, surprisingly, praise the car’s day to day abilities, claiming the ride is better than the regular Mégane R26 road car. Having watched the clip above, though, I’m pretty sure the tyre noise from the Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slicks and the vacuum-like sounding exhaust would drive me barmy after the novelty had worn off. As a track day weapon of choice, however, throw me the keys!

(Thanks to Chris for the link.)