Nissan GT-R Spec V official video

Details of Nissan’s GT-R Spec V were released today (see AUSmotive for full story). Along with that announcement comes this video showing the Spec V in full flight around the Ring. No mention of lap times though.

While some details have been confirmed, nothing official has been mentioned on increased power figures. The modifications made to the Spec V that can be confirmed are, the addition of plenty of carbon fibre bits—including leather covered Recaro bucket seats, lightweight 20″ forged aluminium wheels, carbon brakes and, of course, a titanium coated exhaust. There is also a boost control device, which increases boost for greater torque at mid-high revs. Interestingly, the press blurb doesn’t actually say this makes the car faster, but rather “a more powerful feeling of acceleration”.

To aid the weight loss program the rear seats have been removed. Erm, so why didn’t they lose the massive rear speakers too?

The GT-R Spec V is available in the usual GT-R colours, but also gets a unique hero colour called Ultimate Black Opal.

At this stage the GT-R Spec V is only scheduled for Japanese sale.