– looking for a buyer - looking for a buyer

Ben Lovejoy is looking for a buyer to take over his iconic website. It is probably best to quote Ben’s own words from his site on announcing these plans: “This website is the most comprehensive and popular Ring site on the web, and maintaining it for the last nine years has been a labour of love. However, after 9 years, 53 trips and countless laps, it’s now time to focus on other things.”

The site is the one stop resource for anyone planning a trip to the Nürburgring. It has everything you ever wanted to know, and plenty you didn’t know you needed to know, as well. Speaking personally, Ben’s site was a fantastic help in planning my trip in 2006, and I know it also helped plenty of other Australians do likewise. Further to that, it helped inspire me to start AUSringers, and since doing so has, again, been a great reference point for me over the past 12 months. The Ringers Forum, too, has provided me with plenty of news and answers during that time.

Both the Ringers Forum and the website are included in the sale.

For the Ringers community this is very big news. It seems, apart from all the thank yous to Ben, the thing most people want to ensure is that the site can continue to be such a valuable resource to those who want to experience the Nürburgring for themselves.

For more detail, including contact information, check out now.