Hotel An Der Nordschleife now offers car hire

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Hotel An Der Nordschleife

Hotel An Der Nordschleife has followed the lead of RSR Nürburg and now offers Renault Clios for use around the Nürburgring. Although, unlike the RSR option, I suspect these Clios will be left hand drive. As you can see from the image above, Hotel An Der Nordschleife is located just near the Breidscheid entrance, and you can’t get your car rental any closer to the track than that!

If you’re planning a trip to the Ring and want to drive around the track then a Nürburgring specific rental option is the way to go. In fact, don’t even consider using a hire car from a mainstream outlet. Even if you don’t crash, it will probably end in tears anyway, as you will probably get caught.

Source: Ringers forum