Golf GTI ‘R’ tested on the Nordschleife

Mk6 Golf GTI-R at the Nurburgring

Is this the new über Golf GTI ‘R’ being tested at the Ring? One thing is sure to be certain, it is unlikely to be a 2.0 TDI as the rear badges suggest. For one, the centre mount twin exhaust hint at a far more potent powerplant.

While not likely to be final, the extended side skirts and deeper front grille also indicate this is a more performance oriented test mule.

The badging for this new top of the line GTI has not been confirmed, it is believed the Golf VI replacement for the outgoing R32 is to be powered by a 2-litre four cylinder turbo with around 200kW. All-wheel drive is also said to have been confirmed for the new hot-hatch replacement.

Expect to see a concept version of this car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Some even reckon there’s a chance the GTI ‘R’ will be racing in this year’s Nürburgring 24 hour race in May.

Check the NextAutos link below for more images of the car in action.

[Source: NextAutos via The Motor Report]

Mk6 Golf GTI-R at the Nurburgring