2010 Porsche 911 GT3 still can’t match Godzilla

2010 Porsche GT3

Unofficially, at least, the new Porsche 911 GT3 still can’t match the Nissan GT-R in a hot lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. According to reports on the internetz Porsche über driver Walter Rohrl recently took the GT3 around the Ring in an open session, shared with other manufacturers, and posted a best lap time of 7 minutes 40 seconds.

That’s 8 seconds off the time he posted in a GT2 last year. Worse, for Porsche anyway, that’s still 13 seconds behind the new “record” set by the Nissan GT-R a bit over a week ago.

Porsche still maintain that a showroom condition Nissan GT-R is no better than a 7 minute 54 second lapper, despite the apparent evidence to the contrary.

Someone with a bit of cred needs to settle this baloney once and for all. Same driver, same track, same day. Get whatever 911 they choose, no, damnit, bring ’em all along, the Turbo, GT2 and GT3 and take on the GT-R at the Nordschleife. No bullshit, just a decent independent test. The Stig perhaps? Sabine? Whoever, just get it on!

[Source: Motor Trend via autoblog]

UPDATE: Nissan have released new information stating the GT-R has set a new best lap with a time of 7:26.7 [Jalopnik].