N24 trackside report – pt2

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Thanks to Stu Jones who was quick to send in a brief report from free practice. You can read his comments after the jump.

[Pic from 2008]

N24 trackside report – pt2

Stu Jones: Just done and dusted on first practice and all good. Well, at least the car is, not sure about the driver.

Wow, have I forgotten lots and wish I had done the new drivers course again. Forgotten how rough the track is. Forgotten how fast some sections are. Forgotten key braking points. Felt like was driving like a nana.

Mind you, we only got a 1.5hr session, so after driver changes and mucking around we only got about 3 laps each.

Back out at 7.30pm tonight for a 4 hour ‘night’ qualifying session, even though dusk is not till around 10pm. We just need to do 2 laps each to ‘night’ qualify, so might just do a few extras and put the car to bed early. No use pushing it for no reason.

Will get plenty of lap time come race day with Colin and I driving 2 up.

Will let you know how things go after tonight.