2009 N24 Australian update – hour 20

2009 N24 update - hour 10

The reality of endurance racing has bitten hard for a lot of competitors in the last five hours. As you can see from the banner graphic above the #117 Volkswagen Scirocco R has crashed out after coming over a blind crest at Pflantzgarten and smashing into a BMW which was driving slowly in the middle of the track.

Also, for much of the last five hours the #99 Audi R8 LMS was leading, however a driveshaft related problem has seen the car crawl back into pitlane and get parked in the garage. That leaves the #1 Manthey Porsche in the lead and on track to set a new record for laps completed.

Sadly, the Australian crews have not been exempt from troubles. Discussion in the hour 15 update comments section has kept us abreast of the Australian crews and a summary follows.

Tony Quinn’s #29 car had three pit stops in four laps, but has since been lapping reliably and has been able to maintain its 11th position from the last update. The Radio Le Mans commentary suggests they could be set to break into the top 10.

Ric Shaw has managed to overcome his food poisoning to get back out on the track, although the BMW 130i has suffered a few mechanical gremlins, including an annoying set mount issue. Thanks again to Jon for the updates.

Earlier contact with driver Stu Jones at the 17 hour mark brought the unfortunate news that Colin Osborne’s previously smooth running Toyota Corolla came into the pits needing its gearbox replaced. Latest contact with Stu brings the better news that the car has been repaired and is back out on the track.

A full list of Aussie competitors is shown below. A special mention to honorary Aussie Wayne Moore who, along with his team, appear to have their Golf V TDI circulating in very good shape.

11th overall – 20:07:22.653 elapsed time – 122 laps – 7 behind leader
#29 – VIP Petfoods – Porsche 997 RSR – Class SP 7

Tony Quinn (AUS), Klark Quinn (AUS), Craig Baird (NZ), Grant Denyer (AUS)

55th overall – 19:56:04.370 elapsed time – 105 laps – 24 behind leader
#136 – VW Golf V TDI – Class D1 T

Eberhard Rattunde (D), Maurice O’Reilly (NZ), Wayne Moore (NZ), Heinrich Immig (D)

57th overall – 20:01:53.146 elapsed time – 105 laps – 24 behind leader
#48 – BMW E46 M3 – Class SP 6

Guy Povey (GB), Graham Coomes (GB), Denis Cribbin (AUS), Alan Shepherd (AUS)

73rd overall –  19:54:35.249 elapsed time – 100 laps – 29 behind leader
#170 –
BMW E46 M3 – Class V5
Richard Gartner (AUS), Ray Stubber (AUS), Paul Stubber (AUS)

81st overall – 20:05:53.144 elapsed time – 99 laps – 30 behind leader
#48 – Brunswick Automotive – BMW 130i – Class SP 5

Ric Shaw (AUS), Steve Borness (AUS), Anthony Robson (AUS), Robert Rubis (AUS)

115th overall – 16:37:48.987 elapsed time – 83 laps – 46 behind leader
#13 – Osborne Motorsports – Toyota Corolla – Class SP 3

Colin Osborne (AUS), Stu Jones (AUS)

59th overall – 12:44:52.748 elapsed time – 77 laps – retired (accident)
#10 – MSC Adenau – BMW E46 M3 GTS – Class SP 7

Rodney Forbes (AUS), Jörg Viebahn (D), Marko Hartung (D), Duncan Huisman (NED)

122nd overall – 11:19:29.318 elapsed time – 62 laps – retired (clutch)
#44 – Mal Rose Racing – Holden Commodore – Class SP 8

Mal Rose (AUS), Peter Leemhuis (AUS), Tony Alford (AUS)