2009 N24 Australian update – final placings

2009 N24 update - hour 10

The race is now over and a massive congratulations for all the teams who took part, not just the winners. As you can see in the banner above the Osborne Motorsports Toyota Corolla managed to overcome its transmission issues and get in the final gaggle of cars to cross the finish line behind the Manthey Porsches. Well done to Colin Osborne and Stu Jones, too, for completing the race as a two-driver line up.

A huge nod of respect to the VIP Petfoods team, as well, who finished inside the top 10 outright and third in class, behind the overall race winner and Sabine Schmitz’s team. A great effort from the Aussie crew there.

Also great to see that Mal Rose got his Commodore back on track to run a final lap and be classified as a finisher. Great perserverance! Best wishes to the entire Mal Rose Racing team who are heading to Belgium for the Spa 12 hour next month.

Honorary Aussie Wayne Moore finished well up the order in the Golf V TDI, and he will no doubt pop in to AUSringers at some stage and leave a comment, so well done to Wayne and his team.

You have to feel sorry for the Brunswick Automotive team in their BMW 130i who were beset by illness and mechanical gremlins. It looks like they had the pace to push for a podium finish in their class, but not the luck.

The Nürburgring 24 hour race is an epic event and it has been great watching and trying to keep up to date from some 16,000kms away.

Final placings for the Australian crews are listed after the jump. Congratulations to you all, and I hope you are all able to get back in 2010 and go even better!

9th overall – 24:04:24.477 elapsed time – 146 laps – 9 behind leader
#29 – VIP Petfoods – Porsche 997 RSR – Class SP 7
(3rd in class)
Tony Quinn (AUS), Klark Quinn (AUS), Craig Baird (NZ), Grant Denyer (AUS)

53rd overall – 24:01:14.726 elapsed time – 127 laps – 28 behind leader
#136 – VW Golf V TDI – Class D1 T
(4th in class)
Eberhard Rattunde (D), Maurice O’Reilly (NZ), Wayne Moore (NZ), Heinrich Immig (D)

56th overall – 24:08:28.051 elapsed time – 126 laps – 29 behind leader
#48 – BMW E46 M3 – Class SP 6
(3rd in class)
Guy Povey (GB), Graham Coomes (GB), Denis Cribbin (AUS), Alan Shepherd (AUS)

75th overall – 24:04:30.955 elapsed time – 120 laps – 35 behind leader
#48 – Brunswick Automotive – BMW 130i – Class SP 5
(7th in class)
Ric Shaw (AUS), Steve Borness (AUS), Anthony Robson (AUS), Robert Rubis (AUS)

90th overall – 23:59:48.605 elapsed time – 113 laps – 42 behind leader
#170 –
BMW E46 M3 – Class V5 (8th in class)
Richard Gartner (AUS), Ray Stubber (AUS), Paul Stubber (AUS)

105th overall – 24:01:41.198 elapsed time – 102 laps – 53 behind leader
#13 – Osborne Motorsports – Toyota Corolla – Class SP 3
(5th in class)
Colin Osborne (AUS), Stu Jones (AUS)

DNF* – 24:01:20.044 elapsed time – 64 laps – 91 behind leader
#44 – Mal Rose Racing – Holden Commodore – Class SP 8
(8th in class)
Mal Rose (AUS), Peter Leemhuis (AUS), Tony Alford (AUS)
*Immediately after the race the Results Database had this entry listed as 132nd outright, but has since been reclassified.

DNF – 12:44:52.748 elapsed time – 77 laps – 78 behind leader
#10 – MSC Adenau – BMW E46 M3 GTS – Class SP 7

Rodney Forbes (AUS), Jörg Viebahn (D), Marko Hartung (D), Duncan Huisman (NED)

A complete list of results can be accessed on the official Results Database.