Radical SR8LM record preview

Here is some video footage of the Radical SR8LM from its recent Nürburgring visit. It must be stressed that this clip is understood not to be the “record” 6:48 lap. According to the comments section on YouTube Michael Vergers, the driver of said record lap, has posted that a video showcasing the wonder time will be available soon.

Until then, make do with this teaser footage and imagine what an experience it would be driving a car like the Radical SR8LM, with its 460bhp 2.8 litre V8, around the Green Hell!

UPDATE: Well that video didn’t last long! Hopefully the official footage will be up soon.

UPDATE 27 August: Footage of the Radical SR8LM’s record attempt has returned to YouTube, courtesy of Ring1.tv. It’s hard to tell from this clip as there is no timing shown, and there are a couple of moments where it appears the footage jumps ahead ever so briefly. Anyway, by my calculations this lap is around 6 minutes 51 seconds. So, again, it appears this is not the 6:48 lap. A bit of a brown trouser understeer moment right at the start of the lap no doubt cost driver Michael Vergers a couple of precious seconds.