Virtual reality

The creator of Playstation’s Gran Turismo race game Kazunori Yamauchi recently took part in a four hour VLN race at the Nürburgring. He formed a team with a couple of motoring journos from AutoExpress, including Australian Peter Lyon. They drove a Lexus IS-F in the production category, so the engine and automatic transmission are basically stock.

Above is a complete lap with Kazunori Yamauchi at the wheel. For some reason the footage starts and ends at the approach to Galgenkopf, not really sure why. Nevertheless it is a full lap, including the Grand Prix track, of course.

Speaking before the race Yamauchi said, “I’ve covered nearly 2,000 virtual laps, and while real racing is obviously far scarier, the driver’s actions and the lines taken through the corners are the same.”

After his racing time around the Ring Yamauchi enthused, “The only time I get in this trance-like state is when I am racing a real car. I want to understand what makes me feel like that, and ultimately feed it back into Gran Turismo 5.”

Then Yamauchi-san closes by giving a brief insight into what he thinks makes the Green Hell so special, “What impresses me more than the rapidly changing weather, its astonishing history and its sheer size are the people who come to see and drive it. They are amazing. This is a true Mecca for all those who love driving.”

So, what do you reckon, as a race car driver, do you think Kazunori Yamauchi makes a pretty good game designer, or does he show some talent?

[Source: AutoExpress]