Nordschleife Touristenfahrten footage from 1977

Nurburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten footage 1977

Here is a great old clip of some Touristenfahrten footage filmed in 1977. The action was captured at the notorious Adenauer Forst section, which is known for inexperienced driver carrying too much speed into the tight left hander. Thirty-three years on people still make the same rookie mistake over and over again!

It’s interesting to see that there is some graffiti on the track surface too. While there’s nowhere near as much as we see today, this is clearly a tradition that has been going on for some time.

Other points of interest are the number of people watching on from the side of the track. Also, towards the end of the clip, our intrepid filmmaker is literally trackside filming from the opposite side of the tarmac to the screen grab shown above. After watching all the car going off on entry to that corner, I think I might have found a different location to film the action just quietly!

The footage can be seen after the jump, and this is one clip where you will want to turn the sound down. There is no audio apart from some retro camera clicking.

[Source: Ringweekends tweet]