2010 N24 Australian update – hour 11

2010 Nurburgring 24 hour

The Nürburgring 24 hour race is approaching half distance and the field is currently deep into night time racing. Sunrise is still a couple of hours away and when the sun does come up race goers will welcome a new leader.

The #1 Manthey Porsche was comfortably in the lead until it was involved in a crash with a slower car. The drama didn’t end there, either, as the #100 Audi R8 LMS which was running in second place also crashed out in a separate incident.

This has left the #99 Audi R8 LMS and the #9 Porsche GT3 R Hybrid in first and second place, with the Audi holding a slender 03s lead after 72 completed laps. Amazing stuff!

An updated list of placings for Aussies and Kiwis is provided below and, thankfully, here is a working link to LIVE TIMING. Next update will come in a few hours.

Note: I’ve removed the Ferrari F430 from this list. The car is doing very well and sitting in fourth place overall. But this must be the first race Allan Simonsen hasn’t raced with a Danish flag beside his name.

Car #28 – Porsche 997 Cup (Class SP9 GT3)
23rd overall (67 laps)
Barton Mawer (AUS), Maher Algadri (IND)

Car #148 – Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Class SP3T)
51st overall (62 laps)

Mal Rose (AUS), Mike Rimmer (GB), Peter Venn (GB)

Car #71 – Audi RS4 (Class SP8)
76th overall (60 laps)

Andy Booth (NZ), Stuart Owers (NZ), Lewis Scott (NZ), Alistair Taylor (NZ)

Car #111 – Audi R8 LMS (Class SP9 GT3)
96th overall (58 laps)
Rob Wilson (NZ), Michael Ammermüller (D), Sean-Patrick Breslin (GB), Vimal Mehta (TZA)

Car #243 – Honda Civic Type R (Class N2)
116th overall (55 laps)

David Glasson (NZ), Rod Hicks (NZ), Peter Milliner (NZ), Gregory Spark (NZ)

Car #244 – Honda Integra (Class N2)
117th overall (55 laps)

Nicholas Chester (NZ), Mark Corbett (NZ), Brian McGovern (NZ), Mathew Noonan (NZ)

Car #128 – Volvo S60 (Class SP4T)
132nd overall (51 laps)
Martin Bailey (AUS), Kean Booker (AUS), Mike Reedy (AUS), Klaus Ebbing (D)

Car #225 – BMW M3 (Class V5)
134th overall (50 laps)
Richard Gartner (AUS), Paul Stubber (AUS), Ray Stubber (AUS)

Car #172 – Volkswagen Golf TDI (Class D1T)
144th overall (48 laps)

Wayne Moore (NZ), Morris O’Reilly (NZ), Heiner Immig (D), Eberhard Rattunde (D)

Car #67 – Aston Martin Vantage N24 (Class SP10 GT4)
158th overall (40 laps)
Stephen Borness (AUS), Robert Rubis (AUS), Ric Shaw (AUS), Mark Griffiths (GB)

Car #108 – BMW 130i (Class SP5)
195th overall (3 laps)
Richard Shillington (AUS), Rob Thomson (AUS), Angus Kirkwood (HKG), Matt McFadden (USA)

Car #57 – BMW M3 GTRS (Class SP7)
197th overall (1 lap)
Damien Flack (AUS), Heribert Steiner (D)