2010 N24 Australian update – hour 24

2010 Nurburgring 24 hour

Another Nürburgring 24 hour race has been run and won. To see how the Aussies and Kiwis at the race finished up just check the list below.

Congratulations to the Honda Civics from New Zealand who ran a strong race to take out first and second in the N2 class.

There was an Aussie in the top 10 with Rodney Forbes and his team finishing tenth in their Porsche GT3 Cup car. Australian Nürburgring stalwart Mal Rose had a solid day in unfamiliar surrounds, at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza STI, finishing the race in the top 40.

Well done and big respect to all the teams and drivers who have made the long trek from the southern hemisphere to Germany. AUSringers wishes you all a safe and peaceful journey home where you can take a well earned rest.

UPDATE 23 May: I had misread the car number for the Barton Mawer entry. Unfortunately it turns out his car suffered accident damage early in the race and retired after 20 laps.

Car #35 – Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (Class SP7)
10th overall (148 laps) – 2nd in class
Rodney Forbes (AUS), Matthias Weiland (D), Kai Reimer (D), David Horn (D)

Car #148 – Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Class SP3T)
overall (132 laps) – 8th in class

Mal Rose (AUS), Mike Rimmer (GB), Peter Venn (GB)

Car #244 – Honda Integra (Class N2)
85th overall (120 laps) – 1st in class

Nicholas Chester (NZ), Brian McGovern (NZ), Mathew Noonan (NZ), Greg Spark (NZ)

Car #243 – Honda Civic Type R (Class N2)
86th overall (120 laps) – 2nd in class

Mark Corbett (NZ), David Glasson (NZ), Rod Hicks (NZ), Peter Milliner (NZ)

Car #225 – BMW M3 (Class V5)
94th overall (118 laps) – 8th in class
Richard Gartner (AUS), Paul Stubber (AUS), Ray Stubber (AUS)

Car #128 – Volvo S60 (Class SP4T)
108th overall (110 laps) – 5th in class
Martin Bailey (AUS), Kean Booker (AUS), Mike Reedy (AUS), Christian Steffens (D)

Car #172 – Volkswagen Golf TDI (Class D1T)
135th overall (84 laps)
Wayne Moore (NZ), Maurice O’Reilly (NZ), Heiner Immig (D), Eberhard Rattunde (D)

Car #67 – Aston Martin Vantage N24 (Class SP10 GT4)
143rd overall (77 laps)
Stephen Borness (AUS), Robert Rubis (AUS), Ric Shaw (AUS), Mark Griffiths (GB)

Car #111 – Audi R8 LMS (Class SP9 GT3)
152nd overall (69 laps)
Rob Wilson (NZ), Michael Ammermüller (D), Sean-Patrick Breslin (GB), Vimal Mehta (TZA)

Car #71 – Audi RS4 (Class SP8)
158th overall (66 laps)
Andy Booth (NZ), Stuart Owers (NZ), Lewis Scott (NZ), Alistair Taylor (NZ)

Car #27 – Porsche 997 Cup (Class SP9 GT3)
187th overall (20 laps)
Barton Mawer (AUS), Timothy Macrow (AUS), Maher Algadri (IND), Andreas Weiland (D)

Car #36 – Porsche 911 GT3 (Class SP9 GT3)
188th overall (17 laps)
Peter Scharmach (NZ), Frank Kräling (D), Marc Gindorf (MCO), Arnaud Peyroles (FRA)

Car #108 – BMW 130i (Class SP5)
196th overall (3 laps)
Richard Shillington (AUS), Rob Thomson (AUS), Angus Kirkwood (HKG), Matt McFadden (USA)

Car #57 – BMW M3 GTRS (Class SP7)
197th overall (1 lap)
Damien Flack (AUS), Jose Manuel Balbiani (ARG), Andzej Dzikevic (LIE)

Results sourced from official N24 iPhone App, apologies for any errors.