Hans Joachim-Stuck takes Scirocco R around Nordschleife

Hans Stuck at the Nurburgring

If you had the keys to a Scirocco R and free access to the Nürburgring, could it get any better? Well, yes it could, as a matter of fact. Imagine having Ring legend Hans Joachim-Stuck as your own personal tour guide. That’s exactly what happened to Autocar journo Steve Sutcliffe recently.

Perhaps the only downside to this experience was the pouring rain. The positive for those of us playing at home, though, is we are left with a great piece of video with Hans talking us through the ideal wet line around the Nordschleife.

Unfortunately the clips can’t be embedded, so you’ll need to CLICK HERE to watch Hans drive the Ring and CLICK HERE to see how Steve Sutcliffe gets on when he had his turn in the dreadful conditions.

[Source: Autocar]