1957 Nürburgring 1000km race

1957 Nurburgring 1000km race

Click THIS LINK to see a fascinating clip from the 1957 Nürburgring 1000km race. It was just the third running of the race and victory was claimed by Tony Brooks and Noel Cunningham-Reid driving an Aston Martin DBR1.

Of course, it is amazing to see how much the scenery at the track has changed over the last 50-odd years. The screen grab above shows the entry to Pflantzgarten. After the break you can see that photo compared to a pic from Audi taken at this year’s 24 hour race.

The clip from the 1957 1000km race runs for 12 minutes, so get yourself settled and ready for some wonderful old skool footage.

[Thanks to Obi for the tip]

1957 Nurburgring 1000km race

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