Save our Nordschleife!

Nurburgring Nordschleife

From some 16,000km away we tend to become a little bit detached from everyday happenings at the Nürburgring. Sadly, recent developments have brought with them a real fear that the world’s favourite motoring playground could be under threat.

Daily management of the track and its expensive and floundering theme park was handed over to a private company in May. It seems the new management had about as much passion for motorsport as motoring enthusiasts have for a Toyota Camry.

Worse, it has been alleged the new management is, shall we say, a little bit creative with their financial modelling and reporting of visitor numbers. A German minister has been forced to resign over the debacle this saga has now become.

If you’d like to better inform yourself of what has happened and what might happen, then follow the source link below. The article on Jalopnik covers the situation quite well. You can also keep up to date and show your support at the Save The Ring page on Facebook.

[Source: Jalopnik | Thanks to Obi for the tip]