Nürburgring management face the music

Earlier this week the operators of the Nürburgring, namely Kai Richter and Jörg Lindner, fronted the fans to discuss concerns over the running of the Ring. Dale from Bridge to Gantry was there and has been kind enough to post a summary of events for those unable to attend (follow source link below).

And this is where things become murky. When faced with questions about controversial aspects of the way the Ring is run—like the ring°card; pressure on customers to use in-house rental companies and the fallout from the Scuderia Hanseat racing school cancelling its spring program—the responses seem to be adequate and almost reasonable.

With a hostile audience perhaps it’s understandable that the performance of Richter and Linder was described as confident, albeit a little evasive. I guess the genuine positive here is that Richter and Lindner were willing to open themselves up to around 100 angry fans for a couple of hours of questioning.

Here’s hoping it’s the first of many steps towards an amicable and satisfactory solution to the current concerns.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]