McLaren MP4-12C crashes out during industry pool

McLaren MP4-12C

Word on the street, via Bridge to Gantry, says the McLaren MP4-12C had a bit of an off at the end of an industry pool testing day last week. Apparently the 12C went out at the end of the session, with the track to itself and a TV crew in chopper chasing overhead, indicating a possible lap record attempt.

The feisty Mac had almost completed its lap when it went past the TF gates at full noise on the Döttinger Höhe straight. Moments later, however, tyre screeches were heard and some nasty impact sounds were also reported.

Soon after, a covered recovery truck was seen on track, presumably to collect the wreckage. Unsurprisingly McLaren has yet to confirm the incident and it’s not clear now badly damaged the car was, or if the driver sustained any injuries, but we hope all is okay and the Mac is back on track soon.

[Source: Bridge to Gantry]