Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 claims bragging rights

Renault weren’t the only ones to be claiming bragging rights after the recent industry pool booking at the Ring. This time it’s Chevrolet who are laying claim to holding the fastest production car lap record on the Nordschleife. The time? 7 minutes 19 seconds; bloody fast!

Only, Porsche reckon they’ve done a 7:18 in the fearsome GT2 RS, but they’ve not posted video proof. Then there’s the Radical SR8LM which drove all the way to the Ring from Britain posted an astonishing 6:48 lap time and then drove home again.

But what makes a production car? Bridge to Gantry has asked just that question. The Porsche and the Corvette definitely qualify. The Radical, maybe, maybe not. Who really cares, just enjoy the ride in the video above.