2011 N24: Australian/NZ update – hour 20

With four hours of racing to go competitors can almost see the end in sight. There’s been no change at the top and Manthey Racing are on the way to another N24 victory with their #18 911 GT3 RSR. After 125 laps completed they now have only the #1 BMW M3 GT on the same lap.

With our latest Aussie/Kiwi update below it pains me to say that the Kiwis are giving the Aussies a flogging, with all but one of the Australians competing suffering problems of varying degrees.

Car #10 – Porsche 911 GT3 R // Class SP 9
27th overall (112 laps)
Marc Gindorf (MCO), Wolfgang Kohler (GER), Peter Scharmach (NZ)

Car #72 – Audi RS4 // Class SP 8T
60th overall (104 laps)
Lewis Scott (NZ), Stuart Owers (NZ)

Car #143 – Seat Leon Supercopa // Class SP 3T
65th overall (102 laps)
Heiner Immig (GER), Wayne Moore (NZ), Maurice O’Reilly (NZ)

Car #248 – Honda Civic Type-R // Class N2
100th overall (94 laps)
Rod Hicks (AUS), Mark Corbett (NZ), Dean Cockerton (NZ), Mike Eady (NZ)

Car #6 – Aston Martin Vantage N24 // Class SP 10
102nd overall (93 laps)
Darren Turner (GB), Shinichi Katsura (JPN), Rob Thomson (AUS)

Car #247 – Honda Civic Type-R // Class N2
109th overall (92 laps)
Brian McGovern (NZ), Greg Spark (NZ), Jeff Lowery (NZ), Alistair Taylor (NZ)

Car #231 – BMW M3 E36 // Class V5
144th overall (80 laps)
Richard Gartner (AUS), Ray Stubber (AUS), Paul Stubber (AUS)

Car #43 – Holden Commodore // Class SP 8
186th overall (28 laps)
Mal Rose (AUS), Peter Leemhuis (AUS), Damien Flack (AUS)

Car #136 – Seat Leon Supercopa // Class SP 3T
202nd overall (1 lap)
Clint Harvey (AUS), Brett Niall (AUS), Malcolm Niall (AUS), Mark Pilatti (AUS)


  • Cars marked with their position in green are still running, a gray listing indicates the car is no longer circulating (as best as we can tell).