Graham Hill narrates lap around Nürburgring

Graham Hill narrates lap of Nurburgring

It’s been a while since we’ve shown a classic clip from the Nürburgring. This one has been worth the wait. The promo clip for Shell was produced in 1962 and the current F1 world champion Graham Hill was on hand to provide commentary. The car being used was the iconic Mercedes-Benz W125, some 25-years-old at the time the short film was made, and Hermann Lang was at the wheel.

The scenery is true Nürburgring green, of course, but so much has changed in 50 years. It’s interesting to note that Hill does not refer to many of the corners by the names we know and use today. It’s also a bit of a shame that from Adenau Bridge onwards the footage has been edited quite heavily.

All the same this is a fun clip and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the unmistakeable voice of Graham Hill as he takes you around the Nordschleife.

[via road magazine]