1125bhp, two cars and the world’s best racetrack

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Chris Harris drives the Ariel Atom V8 and Noble M600 at the Nurburgring

The Ariel Atom V8 has 475bhp and weighs less than 600kg. The Noble M600 has 650bhp and tips the scales around the 1200kg mark. They’re some healthy ingredients for some seriously healthy speed.

Driving what is little more than a chassis with an engine and four wheels, the Atom V8 is sure to be exhilarating driving it in an underground car park. With no roof, on the worshipped tarmac of the Nordschleife in Germany, it must be as frightening as it is mind blowingly fun. Similarly, the Noble, with the apparent safety of overhead protection is most likely easily forgotten at over 300km/h heading into the kink of the Nürburgring’s main straight.

And so Chris Harris took these two cars to the Ring for the first time ever and filmed a couple of laps. He was there as part of a Destination Nürburgring private track day (sounds like fun).

To be honest, this is not really his best work and the editing, in parts, leaves a little to be desired. Thankfully, they have at least presented two laps of the Nordschleife in the correct sequence.

More than ever, we think this was an experience where you really had to be there to get even close to understanding what the sensations were be like. The feeling of speed would be devastating, but it just doesn’t translate that well. But if you’ve got a spare 24 minutes then this latest Drive clip is a damn good way to spend it.

Once you’re done watching, check out Harris’ blog over at PistonHeads for a nice insight into some of the costs involved in a test like this.