Driving tourist laps in driving rain

McLaren MP4-12C in the rain at the Nurburgring

On my single visit to the Nürburgring it was a beautiful sunny day. Thankfully I didn’t have to endure the dreadfully wet conditions experienced last weekend, as Dale from Bridge to Gantry reports:

This weekend the weather wasn’t just damp. It was wet. In fact, it was soaking. Rivers ran across the Nordschleife and sub-10-minute laps were nothing but a fantasy… of course the ‘Ring doesn’t close for wet weather alone.

So it was a quieter, slower day. Inconsistent patches of low cloud would occasionally come down to smother the track like a fog – this caused a late start and an early finish on both Saturday’s evening session as well as Sunday’s normal full-day opening.

In these conditions it’s all too easy to crash, and of the half-dozen or so laps I completed there was evidence of two or three ‘offs’ on every one!

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[Source: Bridge to Gantry | Pic: Tourifotos]