2012 N24h: Top 40 qualifying results

Glickenhaus Ferrari P45 Competizione

A Top 40 shoot out took place for the first time at the Nürburgring 24 hour race this year. A total of 17 teams pre-qualified for the Top 40 based on previous practice results achieved at the three VLN races already held this year. The remaining 23 places were determined by the times set in the open qualifying sessions on Thursday and Friday at the 24 hour race.

Remember, the 24 hour race combines the Nürburgring Grand Prix track with the Nordschleife; the total length of the combined course is 25.9km. Going into the Top 40 the fastest car was the #15 Black Falcon Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 with a lap of 8:27.362.

A public raffle was used to determine the running order for the Top 40 shoot out. The cars set out at 10 second intervals and were given two flying laps to set their time in a session which ran for a total of 40 minutes.

Shawn Edwards in the #15 Black Falcon Mercedes improved his car’s time by an impressive 7.3 seconds (8:20.050), but that was still only enough to qualify in third place. Uwe Alzen in the #19 BMW Team Schubert Z4 GT3 was quickest (8:18.382) ahead of Chris Mamerow in the #26 Mamerow Racing Audi R8 LMS ultra (8:19.700).

A table showing all Top 40 times can be read after the break. Two cars failed to set a time, the Gemballa Racing McLaren MP4-12C missed out due to an engine and gearbox swap, while the Falken Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R suffered minor accident damage. Both cars are expected to be fine for the race and will start form P39 and P40 respectively.

The #1 “Ferrari” P4/5 Competizione pictured above qualified in P30 (8:32.586) and is claiming to be the fastest ever Ferrari at the Ring.

119BMW Team SchubertUwe AlzenBMW Z4 GT38:18.382
226Mamerow RacingChris MamerowAudi R8 LMS ultra8:19.700
315Black FalconShawn EdwardsMercedes-Benz AMG8:20.050
465Hankook Team HeicoLance David ArnoldMercedes-Benz AMG8:20.731
520BMW Team SchubertDirk AdorfBMW Z4 GT38:20.906
611Wochenspiegel MantheyMarc LiebPorsche 911 GT38:21.387
766Hankook Team HeicoPierre KafferMercedes-Benz AMG8:21.604
82Phoenix RacingFrank StipplerAudi R8 LMS ultra8:21.819
917BMW Team Vita4OnePedro LamyBMW Z4 GT38:22.230
1022ROWE RacingThomas JägerMercedes-Benz AMG8:22.252
114Speedhunters WRTEdward SandströmAudi R8 LMS ultra8:22.404
123Phoenix RacingMarc BassengAudi R8 LMS ultra8:22.426
139Raeder MotorsportThomas MutschAudi R8 LMS ultra8:23.053
1429Marc VDSMaxime MartinBMW Z4 GT38:23.111
1518BMW Team Vita4OneJens KlingmannBMW Z4 GT38:23.179
167Young Driver AMRDarren TurnerAston Martin Vantage8:23.815
176Young Driver AMRTomas EngeAston Martin Vantage8:24.824
1890HARIBO Racing TeamTommy MilnerCorvette Z06 R GT38:24.901
1912Wochenspiegel MantheyJochen KrumbachPorsche 911 MR8:26.901
2021ROWE RacingRoland RehfeldMercedes-Benz AMG8:26.908
2110Manthey RacingMarco HolzerPorsche 911 GT3 R8:27.705
2228FrikadelliChristopher BrückPorsche 911 GT3 R8:28.616
2327Timbulli RacingNorbert SiedlerPorsche 911 GT3 R8:28.945
248HARIBO Racing TeamChristian MenzelPorsche 911 GT3 R8:29.185
2525Audi race experienceMarco WernerAudi R8 LMS ultra8:29.546
26777H&R SpezialfedernChristian EngelhartFord GT38:30.427
2769Dörr MotorsportRudi AdamsMcLaren MP4-12C8:31.567
2824Audi race experienceFlorian GruberAudi R8 LMS ultra8:31.798
2959Dörr MotorsportPeter KoxMcLaren MP4-12C8:32.089
301Global Partner EnterpriseFabrizio GiovanardiP4/58:32.586
3116Black FalconHannes PlesseMercedes-Benz AMG8:34.769
3283Gazoo RacingAkira IdaLexus LFA8:36.190
3347Timbulli RacingMarco SeefriedPorsche 997 GT38:36.933
34150Kremer RacingWolfgang KaufmannPorsche 911 KR8:42.377
3539Dörr MotorsportRudi AdamsPorsche 911 Cup8:42.508
3654David HornChris ZöchlingPorsche 997 GT3 Cup8:43.999
3750Raceunion TeichmannAndreas GüldenPorsche 977 GT3 Cup8:45.394
38111Raeder MotorsportStefan LandmannAudi TT RS8:46.885
3930Gemballa RacingMcLaren MP4-12C–
4044Falken MotorsportsPorsche 911 GT3 R–


40. ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen, 17 to 20 May 2012:

The Top-40-Qualifying at a glance


  • VLN practice results: The 10 fastest of the practice sessions for each of three VLN rounds held prior to ADAC Zurich 24h race are qualified straight away.
  • A prior entry is necessary and has to relate to the combination of team, vehicle and category.
  • 24h race qualifying results: The top-40 positions not yet secured will be awarded according to 24h race qualifying results.
  • Vehicles already qualified for the Top-40-Qualifying mustn’t contest the first 20 minutes of the qualifying sessions.

Course of the action

  • The order the teams are going out in for the Top Qualifying will be determined in a public raffle on Friday afternoon.
  • All the 40 cars will be positioned on the home straight.
  • The cars will start into their top-qualifying laps in a 10-second rhythm.
  • Following a warm-up lap on the Nordschleife, the top-40 competitors will make a flying start into their two qualifying laps.
  • The times achieved will determine the top-40 grid positions for the 24h race.
  • Cars that had to retire will be awarded grid positions at the end of the top 40, with the individual positions being determined in another raffle.
  • At the start of the race, the teams involved have to use at least three slicks also used in the Top-40-Qualifying. Due to this regulation, the use of pure qualifying tyres is prevented.