Would you like hookers with your embezzlement?

Nurburgring Grand Prix track

The Nürburgring debacle moves from the sublime to the ridiculous as further detail on the allegations against Ingolf Deubel, former finance minister in the Rhineland-Palatinate government, emerge.

It’s been suggested that Deubel approved an expense fund with state money back in 2009 which was to be used for two consultants—one a former hotel director in Wiesbaden, the second once an assistant to a circus director—to find private investors to fulfill the ambitious plans of turning the world’s best racetrack into a ‘NuroDisney’ theme park.

Seems fair enough, perhaps. Only trouble is, it’s been alleged that the money, in part, paid for prostitutes to pleasure potential investors on sordid business trips to Zurich.

According to reports from Germany the fund was as much as €1 million.

If these allegations weren’t so serious they’d be laughable, so we can see why a former circus assistant was deemed suitable to try and find private investors to help pay for NuroDisney.

The two men, who haven’t been named, are key witnesses in the court case against Deubel and his merry men.

Worse, a lawyer representing the two men claims the entire Rhineland-Palatinate state cabinet knew of the misappropriation of taxpayer’s money.

[Source: The Local | Thanks to Ken for the tip]