A touristenfahrten lap to treasure

Nissan GT-R

Colin Alton, take a bow. We’re not too sure of Colin’s background but he’s clearly a half decent steerer as this video posted to YouTube shows. And he’s obviously completed many laps around the Nürburgring. Behind the wheel of his Nissan GT-R Colin has posted a bridge-to-gantry lap time of 7 minute 30 seconds.

The time was set a couple of days back during a regular public open day. Luckily for him the track was near empty and he pretty much had the 20.832km of Nordschleife to himself. Lucky guy.

To put this lap time in perspective a 7 minute 20 lap is around the mark for Nissan’s hero lap around the Ring. If you add an extra 20–30 seconds lost by not being able to complete a full v-max run down the main Döttinger Hohe straight we’re talking a 7 minute 50 lap, or thereabouts, if Alton was able to do the full circuit. That’s not too shabby at all.

[via Bridge to Gantry]