Nürburgring sale: Expressions of interest now open

Nurburgring sale

The Nürburgring – world’s leading motorsport resort

The Nürburgring is the world’s leading motorsport resort and the main centre of attraction for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Close to 90 years of tradition and history have formed this motorsport icon with unsurpassed global brand recognition. The Nürburgring stands for world-class racing, amateur and junior racing events, as well as countless tourist drives.

The Nordschleife – the so called “Grüne Hölle” – was built in 1927 and is truly unique in length and difficulty. This historic race track is complemented by the ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Grand Prix circuit which was built in 1984 and hosts, amongst others, the “Formula 1 German Grand Prix 2013”. Together with the newly built accommodation, dining and leisure infrastructure (built in 2007–2009) the race tracks have developed into a venue for motorsport fans, business events as well as cultural events.

The Nürburgring employs approx. 300 people, generates a turnover of up to €60 million p.a. and delivers sustainable positive cash flows.

That’s the opening three paragraphs in the official document calling for expressions of interest for the sale of the Nürburgring. The deadline for submissions is 12 June. Although expect any sale negotiations to drag out for some time.

Speculation says the expected sale could be around €120 million. That’s for everything. The GP track, the Nordschleife and the white elephant NüroDisney complex.

It’s quite possible that a large car manufacturer could buy the Ring, with Chris Harris suggesting Volkswagen could be a good fit. Hyundai has also been mooted. Which would at least give some more certainty to their Nürburgring test centre investment.

On the one hand Volkswagen, or any car maker, owning the Nürburgring could be a very good thing. We just wonder how such things as open public days would be viewed in the corporate world.

It’s all fun and games until someone sticks it in the armco, or worse. Would any car maker really want the negative publicity and blood on their hands associated with a touristenfahrten fatality?

[Source: nuerburgring.de]