2013 N24h Australia/NZ update: Hour 16

2013 Nurburgring 24 hour race

An hour of action has passed since the cars went back out on track. In the outright lead the #007 Aston Martin has struggled in the still very wet conditions and has dropped down to thirteenth place.

In the lead now is the #25 BMW Z4 GT3 with Maxime Martin revelling in the wet.

Since our last update we’ve had confirmation that Ric Shaw in the #72 Aston Martin has retired due to accident damage (thanks to Jon for the update). The Mal Rose #006 Aston Martin has also lost time due to an accident, details are scant but the car is out and circulating again.

Updated positions for the Aussies and Kiwis after 16 hours can be seen below.

Car #27 – Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S // Class SP9 GT3
41st outright // 23rd in class (35 laps)

Paul Stubber (AUS), Roberto Fecchio (ITA), Dario Paletto (ITA), Marco Mapelli (ITA)

Car #177 – BMW E36 // Class V6
74th outright // 7th in class (33 laps)

Angus Chapel (AUS), Garth Duffy (AUS), Dominique Bastien (USA), Michael Clemens (GER)

Car #42 – Porsche 997 // Class SP7
76th outright // 15th in class (33 laps)

Clint Harvey (AUS), Brett Niall (AUS), Malcolm Niall (AUS), Mark Pilatti (AUS)

Car #89 – BMW Z4 Coupé // Class SP6
77th outright // 3rd in class (32 laps)

Rob Thomson (AUS), Stefan Aust (GER), Frank Weishar (GER), Andreas Weishaupt (GER)

Car #102 – Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 // Class SP3T
89th outright // 6th in class (32 laps)

Gregory Spark (NZL), Olaf Schley (GER), Andres Serrano (ECU), Yasuyoshi Yamamoto (JPN)

Car #153 – Seat Leon TDI // Class D1T
115th outright // 2nd in class (30 laps)

Martin Bailey (AUS), Ivo Breukers (NED), Sjaco Griffroen (NED), Henk Thijssen (NED)

Car #144 – Renault Clio Cup // Class SP3
116th outright // 8th in class (30 laps)

Christopher Gleeson (AUS), Hugh Buckley (GBR), Volker Kühn (GER), Bashar Mardini (UAE)

Car #6 – Aston Martin Vantage V8 // Class SP8
126th outright // 6th in class (29 laps)

Mal Rose (AUS), Peter Leemhuis (AUS), Joachim Kern (GER), Egon Allgäuer (SUI)

Car #190 – BMW E36 M3 // Class V5
155th outright // 6th in class (18 laps)
Michael Eden (NZL), Wayne Moore (NZL), Maurice O’Reilly (NZL), Niels Borum (GER)

Car #72 – Aston Martin Vantage V8 // Class SP8
Retired—accident (23 laps)

Ric Shaw (AUS), Kim Hauschild (GER), Tom Moran (GER), Dieter Svepes (AUT)

Car #90 – BMW E36 M3 // Class SP5
Retired—accident (3 laps)

Tony Alford (AUS), Kean Booker (AUS), Richard Gartner (AUS), Peter O’Donnell (NZL)