2013 N24h: Rain continues at the Nordschleife

Rain, rain and more bloody rain!

Since our last update, more than five hours ago, rain has continued to stall the 2013 Nürburgring 24 hour race. The good news the cars will be moving behind the safety car from 8:00am local time (4:00pm AEST) with a green flag to be waved as soon as possible. That will leave under nine hours of racing.

If you’re watching the live stream you’ll see there is some action in the pits as cars start to form up on track for the restart.

Clearly the weather has been a real shame—the red flag was first waved after 9 hours 34 minutes—and has robbed teams, drivers and fans of almost nine hours racing. To give that an Australian context, that’s almost enough time to run one and a half Bathurst 1000 “endurance” races.