VIDEO: Fuchsröhre bites hard

Honda Civic crash at Fuchsrohre

Before I went to the Nürburgring I remember watching videos and thinking the downhill run into Fuchsröhre, and its subsequent climb towards Adenauer Forst, would easily be my favourite section of the Nordschleife. However, when I was faced with that stretch of tarmac for the first time I was not prepared for the narrowness of the track of the sharpness of its decline.

Thankfully, I managed to negotiate the Nordshcleife without incident, but this video of a Honda Civic crashing at Fuchsröhre recently pretty much illustrates what I thought could happen if I got it wrong there.

We’re pleased to report that nobody was hurt in the incident and this video serves as a telling reminder to all of the respect that must be paid when driving this track.