VIDEO: Deer strike on the Nordschleife!

Renault Megane deer strike at the Nurburgring

Sometimes, no matter how careful or vigilant you are, you’re just plain out of luck. That was the case for the driver of this Renault Megane RS who had no chance to avoid contact with this deer on the high speed section near Klostertal.

Thankfully the driver was fine and posted this text with the video:

A small deer jumped out of the woods and bolted across the track, and by the time it came out of the blind spot behind the BMW I had no time to react. I could either hit it, or try and swerve to avoid and hit the barriers. I hit it at about 180kph and wiped out a complete front left corner of the car.

We came by the video at Bridge to Gantry and Dale made this comment, which is a point well made:

Nobody was hurt in any of these videos and all the drivers walked away. But, I have to say, I have noticed the abundance of video cameras in the new relaxed-regime have combined with social media to mean that nearly every big incident of the last few weeks has been thoroughly documented and then discussed. How long before the first fatality is on youbook, facetube and twatter? And what will that mean for us? I don’t know the answers, I’m just saying… nighty night!