Ecclestone no longer in frame for Nürburgring sale

Bernie Ecclestone

Liquidators for the Nürburgring hope to have the sale finalised by next month in time for the coming racing season and Bernie Ecclestone is no longer interested, according to German newspaper Rhein-Zeitung.

Ecclestone confirmed his interest in buying the Ring last month but he is not among the list of final bidders. Submissions for the sale closed yesterday and the Rhein-Zeitung report claims a source close to the sale has revealed there are three interested parties: Dusseldorf-based Capricorn, America investment company HIG and an unnamed US-based private equity firm.

The intentions of the three bidders has not been confirmed, although it is believed Capricorn and HIG plan to keep the track facilities active. The failed NüroDisney complex has a less certain future.

The worst result for motoring fans would be a complete sale of the track to a developer with no interest in motor racing at all. Hopefully that won’t happen and even a future without regular public access to the Nordschleife would be better if it meant the historic track was preserved and kept for professional racing activities and a test track for car makers.

It’s also been reported that the liquidators are open to new offers, despite the deadline for tenders passing.

[Source: Crash | Pic: Reuters/Olivia Harris]