Nürburgring buyer to be announced today!

Audi at 2012 Nurburgring 24 hour race

In the next few hours it’s expected the successful bidder for the purchase of the Nürburgring will be announced at a specially convened press conference. And that buyer is tipped to be the American investment group HIG Capital.

What does this mean for the future of the Ring and, most importantly, the future of the Nordschleife? Well it’s all speculation until HIG makes its plans known, but it’s hoped the second tilt at private ownership will be much better than the first.

The reported sale price is said to be around €60–70 million and a further €25 million is rumoured to be invested into the track facilities.

Perhaps the most pleasing news is word that HIG’s business model centres around the Green Hell’s three key pillars: motorsport, manufacturer testing and touristenfahrten (public access).

A new camera and warning light system around the track is predicted to be installed and should allow track marshals to respond to incidents more quickly, as well as increasing awareness of any perils which may lay ahead. Such a system will benefit motorsport and public access users alike.

The current TF entry gates may also be moved to a new location which may better cater for the amount of traffic encountered on busy public days.

For now, at least, the signs are promising and if you’d like to keep abreast of the news from today’s press conference get yourself onto the Bridge to Gantry twitter feed.

[Source: Reuters & Bridge to Gantry]