2014 N24h Australia/NZ update: Hour 20

2014 Nurburgring 24 hour race

It’s a bit of a shame the first Aussie/Kiwi update is after 20 hours of the race have gone by—and I’m relying solely on the info from the live timing page—but here goes.

Green text beneath the car indicates the crew is still running, red text means, as best we can tell, the car is no longer circulating.

Car #65 – Porsche 997 // Class SP7
40th outright // 9th in class // 113 laps
Bravetti, Nicola (SUI), Negroni, Sergio (ITA), Michaelian, Jim (USA),
Thomson, Rob (AUS)

Car #83 – Porsche Cayman // Class SP6
50th outright // 2nd in class // 112 laps
Hamprecht, Fabian (GER), Viebahn, Jörg (GER), Bauer, Klaus (SUI),
Gartner, Richard (AUS)

Car #55 – Aston Martin V12 Vantage // Class SP8
51st outright // 2nd in class // 112 laps
Allgäuer, Egon (SUI), Mahy, Marcus (GBR), Cate, Peter (GBR),
Talbot, Liam (AUS)

Car #64 – Porsche 997 Cup // Class SP7
60th outright // 13th in class // 110 laps
Thiel, Kurt (SUI), Paletto, Dario (ITA), Feccio, Roberto (ITA),
Stubber, Paul (AUS)

Car #54 – Porsche 997 Cup // Class SP7
70th outright // 14th in class // 107 laps
Hauschild, Kim (GER), Svepes, Dieter (AUT),
Shaw, Ric (AUS), Borness, Stephen (AUS)

Car #70 – Aston Martin Vantage V8 // Class SP8
82nd outright // 3rd in class // 104 laps
Dr. Bez, Ulrich (GER), Schuhbauer, Wolfgang (GER),
Rose, Mal (AUS), Leemhuis, Peter (AUS)

Car #183 – BMW E36 M3 // Class V5
100th outright // 3rd in class // 98 laps
Borum, Niels (GER),
Eden, Michael (NZL), O’Reilly, Maurice (NZL)

Car #187 – BMW 325i // Class V4
105th outright // 5th in class // 97 laps
Meyer, Jürgen (GER), Seya, Ryu (JAP), Shimojima, Yosuke (JAP),
Stewart, Guy (NZL)

Car #41 – Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S // Class SP7
143rd outright // 18th in class // 48 laps
Schelp, Marco (GER), Kräling, Frank (GER), Gindorf, Marc (MON),
Scharmach, Peter (NZL)

Car #74 – Porsche 991 // Class SP7
144th outright // 21st in class // 47 laps
Rice, Vic (USA), Lewis, Shane (USA), Veremenko, Alexey (RUS),
Chapel, Angus (AUS)