Happy snow year!

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Andy Gulden, Nurburgring Formula Race car

We love Nürburgring videos showing the track covered in snow, but still being driven on. This latest video, published to YouTube late last year, shows Nürburgring Driving Academy instructor Andy Gülden at the wheel of a Nürburgring Formula Race car.

It’s been attracting widespread attention, which is fair enough. It was even shown on the relatively mainstream Fox Sports News here in Australia.

What we want to know is, why didn’t Gülden’s exploits three years ago attract as much attention when he first took to a snowy Nordschleife in an open wheeler?

To be fair, at least this time we’re treated to a full lap, instead of selected highlights. Who knows, maybe it’s all the same footage?! Either way, settle in and enjoy the full video for yourself.