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Another look at the 1967 German Grand Prix

July 29th, 2015 Posted in Australia, Nurburgring history, Video

1967 German Grand Prix

Way back when AUSringers started we featured some clips on the 1967 German Grand Prix. Let’s take another look at that race in this six-minute video that really takes us back to a time when the track was barely recognisable as the Nordschleife we know and cherish today.

Also unrecognisable is a podium featuring an Aussie and two Kiwis!

1967 German Grand Prix

  1. Denny Hulme (Repco-Brabham)
  2. Jack Brabham (Repco-Brabham)
  3. Chris Amon (Ferrari)

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  2. By YDG on Aug 5, 2015

    1967 was the pinnacle. The last year before aero. Awesome link. Thanks for sharing.

  3. By Paykasa Bozdurma on Mar 29, 2016

    thank you so much

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