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2016 Nurburgring 24 hour: LIVE STREAMING

The Nürburgring 24 Hour race starts tonight at 11:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, which means the race will finish at 11:30pm on Sunday night. Yeah, around about the same time as the Monaco Grand Prix (go Daniel!). For the first time in many years I won’t be providing regular updates on the progress of the […]

Golf GTI Clubsport S claims FWD record

Volkswagen has claimed the unofficial front-wheel drive record with its limited edition Golf GTI Clubsport S. It’s a shame this video is so dodgy, but that’s all we’ve got for now. The lap time claimed is 7 minutes 49.21 seconds, which is a bit over one second quicker than the Honda Civic Type-R. If I […]

In the beginning…

A bit over 90 years ago, 27 September 1925 to be exact, the first work on the construction of the Nürburgring began. To mark that anniversary the official Nürburgring Facebook page shared a brief and inspiring video which you can see for yourself after the break. It really is such a special place. If you […]

Huzzah, Nordschleife speed limits to be lifted!

Good news for Nürburgring fans, the speed limits imposed on the Nordschleife back in June are set to be lifted. Of course, there’s a catch. The first being the limits, currently affecting all on-track activities, won’t be removed until 2016. The second being the track will undergo a series of modifications in order to increase […]

It was 15 years ago today

Serving as a reminder that I need to write my own trip report from April this year, here’s a few paragraphs from MotorSport magazine, first published in February 2000. Centred around a 12th century castle in the densely wooded village of Nurburg, the plans outlined over 17 miles of track, consisting of two loops: a […]