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Huzzah, Nordschleife speed limits to be lifted!

Good news for Nürburgring fans, the speed limits imposed on the Nordschleife back in June are set to be lifted. Of course, there’s a catch. The first being the limits, currently affecting all on-track activities, won’t be removed until 2016. The second being the track will undergo a series of modifications in order to increase […]

VIDEO: Sebastien Loeb tackles the Nordschleife

In case you missed it the WTCC crews have been to the Nordschleife and even better they will be holding a full on race meeting there as part of this weekend’s Nürburgring 24 Hour support program. With thanks to Citroën here’s a full lap of the Grand Prix track and Nordschleife with motorsport icon Sebastien […]

VIDEO: Playstation GT6 v VLN racecar

Ever wondered how close the virtual world of the Nürburgring on Playstation GT6 is to the real world? Thanks to Dale from Bridge to Gantry we can show you a driver’s eye view answer to that question. And it’s pretty damn remarkable how close, in lap time, the lounge room Toyota GT86 is to the […]

1976 German GP: Art imitates life

Here’s a series of side-by-side animated GIFs comparing actual footage from Niki Lauda’s crash in the 1976 German GP with footage from Ron Howard’s movie Rush. As you can see the Hollywood recreation is eerily accurate. The crash sequence from the movie can be seen after the break along with two more comparison sequences. [Source: […]

VIDEO: VLN6 highlights from Rent4Ring

Dale Lomas, wearing his Rent4Ring hat, brought our attention to these highlights from the VLN race last month. And the Nürburgring is alive this weekend with the seventh VLN race out of 10 this year. To see what you’re missing out on take the jump and strap yourself in for a hairy ride! For a […]

Some love for the Grand Prix circuit

As a rule the Nürburgring grand prix track is often criticised for lacking the soul and charms of its longer Nordschleife sibling. Indeed, when asked about the GP circuit Sabine Schmitz told us, “I hate it!” We understand a modern grand prix circuit can never hope to match challenges posed by the 20.8km Green Hell. […]

Bernie Ecclestone prepared to help Nürburgring

Amidst the general tales of woe and bankruptcy the chances of seeing the German Grand Prix return to the Nürburgring in 2013 have been given a boost thanks to an offer of assistance from Bernie Ecclestone. Eccelstone has agreed to waive the usual race sanction fee to ensure the Nürburgring is on the 2013 F1 […]