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W196 ‘Silver Arrows’ return to the Nordschleife

The German Grand Prix is clearly a big event for manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz. It’s their home race and the history of the Nürburgring allows a great chance to maximise the marketing potential the F1 travelling circus brings. A perfect opportunity, then, to bring out some old Silver Arrows for a run around the Nordschleife. […]

1973 German Grand Prix

Our daily twitter rounds landed us this cracking link to a YouTube video of the entire 1973 German Grand Prix. That’s right, all two hours and seven minutes of footage. So far we’ve only watched the first half hour or so and it’s an astonishing piece of film that is worth checking out. The race […]

1957 Nürburgring 1000km race

Click THIS LINK to see a fascinating clip from the 1957 Nürburgring 1000km race. It was just the third running of the race and victory was claimed by Tony Brooks and Noel Cunningham-Reid driving an Aston Martin DBR1. Of course, it is amazing to see how much the scenery at the track has changed over […]

3D style vintage Nürburgring map

This old skool 3D style map gives a great appreciation of the elevation changes of the Nordschleife (and the Südschleife, too, see top right of frame). Its detailed painting and vibrant colours complement this other vintage map nicely. For a closer look, click on the image above to load a 1600px version. After the jump […]

A lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife from 1972

Here is a real treat for fans of the Nürburgring, a photographic diary of a Touristenfahrten lap from 1972. The images come via Bill Wagenblatt, a US resident who was living in Europe during the 70s. Bill’s original post on his Track Thoughts blog includes over 100 images of the Nordschleife taken from the passenger’s […]

Nordschleife Touristenfahrten footage from 1977

Here is a great old clip of some Touristenfahrten footage filmed in 1977. The action was captured at the notorious Adenauer Forst section, which is known for inexperienced driver carrying too much speed into the tight left hander. Thirty-three years on people still make the same rookie mistake over and over again! It’s interesting to […]

Lotus 49B at 1969 German Grand Prix

Don’t you just love this old archival image from the 1969 German Grand Prix. A timely way to pay respects to Colin Chapman, who passed away 27 years ago today, the image features Graham Hill behind the wheel of a legendary Lotus 49B, possibly taken over the jump at the start of Pflantzgarten. For more […]