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From Western Australia to the Nürburgring

Among the disaster stories currently emanating from the Nürburgring we recently received a little gold nugget from Western Australia. It’s a great tale, posted to our Your Story section, from Joel Newman and introduces us to him and his Toyota Hilux which travelled from Fremantle to London. Along the way, as you can imagine, Joel […]

N24 trackside report – pt6 (the debrief)

It’s been a big week for Stu Jones and his mates at Osborne Motorsports. A long haul flight from Sydney to Frankfurt, a massive effort from everyone in the team to prepare, drive and repair the racecar in the 24 hour race and, now, another long haul flight back to Australia. But, if you’re like […]

N24 trackside report – pt5 (pre-race tension)

Pre-race nerves and waiting are the theme of Stu’s latest update, filed earlier this morning (German time). It’s a great read and gives a very good insight into the task ahead. He’s also included some images from their pit garage taken during yesterday’s qualifying session. Sadly, one of the cars sharing their pit space won’t […]

N24 trackside report – pt3

Another report from AUSringers’ man on the scene driver Stu Jones. This one takes us through night practice and the inevitable mechanical gremlins that tend to appear from time to time. UPDATE: New pics added. Take note of how tight the pit garages are. There’s not a lot of room to move!

N24 trackside report – pt1

AUSringers has a few mates taking part at the 24 hour race this weekend. They’re all part of the Osborne Motorsports team. They’ll be competing in car #13, a Toyota Corolla, with just two drivers sharing the load. A last minute scheduling issue means that Colin Osborne and Stu Jones will be getting more laps […]